I’m a software/game developer located in São Paulo. My interest in games and technology started when I was just 6 and my mom gave me my first console (Nintendo NES).

Playing almost every single day, and destroying almost every toy I had too just to see how they were made (sorry mom!), I was introduced to MMORPGs when I was 10, and from being able to play games with lots of other people around the world, I got into several private server development forums, where I met navossoc. With his help I started studying programming and developed my first software in Visual Basic (which was a little database management system for a game we used to play).

I’ve been researching games and technology behind them for almost 12 years, and I’ve developed a lot of prototypes, server emulators, custom algorithms, websites, portals, libraries in almost every language (that I know :P).

The languages I love most (and work with every day) are C, C++, C#, Python, PHP and JavaScript!

You can check my portfolio for some of the things I’ve done so far.